Automotive connectivity

Condumex’s automotive customers demand cable and harness products that meet the strictest specifications. That is why the company has developed clients’ testing and validation protocols.

Due to the growing need for mobility systems to use technological applications of communication, data, and autonomous systems, the company has developed cables to meet these needs, such as: coaxial, HSD, USB, LVDS, Ethernet, HDMI, and fiber optic.


Condumex has developed solutions to reduce its weight by 40% by using aluminum alloys in aluminum conductors in round conductors. In addition to the use of copper alloys for the reduction of gauges, all aligned to the reduction of CO2 and contribute to the improvement of autonomy of electric vehicles. The company’s solutions in the market are: bi Flat & Round®, bi Flat & Flat®, bi Cap & Lug®


Condumex developed primary, battery, special (alloys), and irradiated cables for supplying electrical energy for vehicles. This is to comply with different international standards such as ISO6722 and LV112, which specify requirements for low and high voltage cables intended for use in road vehicle applications; J1128 for Low Voltage Primary Cable; J1127 for Low Voltage Battery Cable; JASO D611 for low-voltage cables.